shirla Cable sheath testing and fault location device

The shirla sheath test and fault location device is used for cable and cable sheath testing, and for the pre-location and pin-pointing of cable sheath faults and cable faults due to earth contact.

Manufacturer: BAUR GmbH (Austria).


The fault pre-location is based on the measuring bridge principle according to Murray and Glaser. The measuring bridge is dimensioned specially for power cables, but also enables pre-location for control and lighting cables. Zero balance and evaluation take place automatically. The fault distance is shown in meters. Various cable sections can be entered, thus increasing the accuracy of the measurement.

For fault pin-pointing, shirla generates a pulsed voltage, thereby permitting the use of the step voltage method. Using the "Step voltage” set of the protrac® pin-pointing system, cable sheath faults and other faults due to earth contact can be located quickly and accurately.
  • Fault pre-location and pin-pointing in a single device
  • Data export via USB interface
  • Mains and battery operated
  • Simple operation and intuitive user interface

Cable and cable sheath testing

DC voltage

0 – 10 kV

Output current

10 mA @ DC 5 kV

5 mA @ DC 10 kV


± 10 μA


1 μA

Insulation resistance measurement

0.01 MOhm to 1 GOhm

Voltage and current limitation


Measuring bridge (pre-location of cable sheath faults and faults due to earth contact)

Measurement method

4-wire measuring bridge according to Murray or Glaser

Output voltage

DC 100 V – 10 kV

Max. output current

50 mA


0.1 % relating to the measurement result

Number of definable cable sections


Voltage and current limitation


Step voltage method (cable sheath fault pin-pointing)

Pulsed DC voltage

100 V – 10 kV
4 selectable pulse patterns

Max. output current

700 mA



LCD with background lighting, screen resolution 320 x 240 pixels,
automatic brightness setting


shown on display /
automatic export via USB interface (USB 2.0)

Data export format

text file, bilingual: English, German

Mains voltage

AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Rechargeable battery

DC 12 V, 3.4 Ah

Max. power consumption

200 VA

Max. discharge capacity

25 μF

Ambient temperature (operational)

-20 to +50 °C

Storage temperature

-40 to +60 °C

Relative humidity


Dimensions (W x H x D)

approx. 440 x 490 x 220 mm

Weight incl. accessories

approx. 20 kg

Degree of protection

IP54 (in closed state)

Standard accessories:

  • shirla
  • HV connection cable, 4.5 m, fix mounted
  • 4-wire bridge connection cable, 2.5 m, fix mounted
  • G-clamps, 24 mm, 4 pcs
  • Short-circuit cable set
  • Earth cable, 3 m, with earth terminal
  • Transport case for accessories
  • USB drive
  • Carrying strap
  • Mains supply cord, 2.5 m
  • User manual

Optional accessories:

  • GDR 20-125 discharge and earth rod
  • BAUR protrac® pin-pointing system, “Step voltage” set
  • Accessories set for cable sheath fault location with UL 30
  • External emergency off unit with signal lamps, incl. connection cable, 50 m, on hand cable drum
  • External emergency off unit with signal lamps, incl. connection cable, 25 m, on hand cable drum
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