CBA 1000 Circuit breaker analyzer

CBA 1000 circuit breaker timing test equipment is a reliable and very accurate operating device for the maintenance and commissioning of circuit breakers in medium and high voltage substation. It can perform static and dynamic contact resistance measurement and it’s an accurate timing speed and motion analyzer.

Manufacturer: ISA - ALTANOVA GROUP (Italy).


CBA 1000 is a unique tool for the complete test of all circuit breakers. It is a powerful timing and motion analyzer test set with built-in 200 A pure DC current microOhmmeter for static and dynamic contact resistance tests.
CBA 1000 measures CB operation times according with international standards: Open (O), Close (C), Open-Close (O-C), Close-Open (C-O), Open-Close-Open (O-C-O). It is also possible to set up customized operation sequences. In this way is possible to get the circuit breaker spread. In the same time you can measuring the coils currents.
CBA 1000 is a stand alone unit with a large graphical display. The unit is supplied with TDMS analysis software. TDMS performs test results analysis and creates test reports; it allows also to pre-define test plans. TDMS is also a powerful Test and Data Management software, compatible with all ISA Test Sets.
All CBA 1000 circuits have been designed to ensure safe and reliable operations in the noisy environment of HV / MV substations and power plants.

  • Circuit breaker timing test set suitable for EHV, HV and MV circuit breakers
  • Built-in 200 A microhmmeter - static and dynamic contact resistance measurement
  • 6 main and 6 resistive contact inputs
  • Up to 4 trip/close coils control
  • 7 analog inputs
  • 4 auxiliary timing contact
  • Circuit breaker test with two ends connected to ground (BSG option)
  • Cross trigger for the synchronization of up to 4 CBA 1000
  • Stand alone functionality - no PC connection is required
  • Analysis and result evaluation directly on the display
  • Internal memory for up to 250 test results and 64 pre-defined test plans
  • USB and RS232 ports

Coil operation

Number of circuits

2 (1 Open and 1 Close coils),
4 (3 Open and 1 Close coils) (optional)

Type of driver

electronic, it ensures superior timing control

Driver characteristic

300 V DC max, 30 A DC max

Operating time accuracy

0.025% of delay ± 50 µs

Measurement of the coil current

one per channel, the waveform is displayed on the dedicated channels

Coil current ranges

2.5; 10; 25 A full scale, user selectable

Coil current measurement accuracy

0.5% of the reading ± 0.1% of the selected range

Main contact inputs

Number of contact inputs

6 Main contacts (2 break per phase)
6 Resistor contacts (2 break per phase)

Resistor contact ranges

from 20 Ohm to 10 kOhm

Contact test voltage

24 V

Main contact test current

50 mA

Event inputs

Number of auxiliary event inputs

4, divided in 2 groups of 2 each

Capability of testing

dry (24 V) or wet contacts (20 to 300 V)

Test current

2 mA

Analog inputs

Number of analog inputs

4 (6 Optional)

Type analog inputs

2 (4 optional) dedicated to Open and Close coil currents,
1 dedicated to Dynamic and Static Resistance Measurement,
1 dedicated to travel, velocity, station battery voltage, etc.

Analog input measurement resolution   

16 bit

Sample rates

20 kHz - 10 kHz - 5 kHz - 2 kHz - 1 kHz - 500 Hz - 200 Hz - 100 Hz,
50 Hz, 20 Hz user selectable

Timing accuracy

50 µs ± 0.025% of the time reading at 20 kHz

Maximum record length

1000 s


graphical high brightness sunlight display (122 x 92 mm)

Interfaces to PC

USB and RS232

Memory size

128 Mbytes (approx. 250 results)

Static and Dynamic resistance measurement (Option)

DC Test current

200 A, 100 A, 20 A

Resistance measurement ranges

200 µOhm, 1 mOhm, 10 mOhm, 100 mOhm, user selectable


1 µOhm

Resistance measurement accuracy

1% of the reading ± 0.2% of the range

Minimum trip voltage test (Option)

Two options

250 V Max and 70 V Max

Maximum current

4 A (250 V), 10 A (70 V)

Maximum voltage adjustment

up to 50% of V Max

Internal or external printer (Option)

Internal thermal printer

58 mm wide

External thermal printer

Seiko DPV-414, 112 mm wide

Standard accessories:

  • CBA 1000;
  • Mains cable;
  • Serial cable;
  • Grounding cable;
  • USB cable;
  • Spare fuses;
  • Software TDMS;
  • User’s manual for hardware and software.

Optional accessories:

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